The Western Mystery Tradition

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The Schools of Universal Wisdom will be founded...


The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of truth, morality, and happiness. It operates in the saints from the innermost to the outside, and spreads itself gradually by the Spirit of Jesus Christ into all nations, to institute everywhere an Order by means of which the individual can reach as well as the race; our human nature can be raised to its highest perfection, and sick humanity be cured from all the evils of its weakness.

Thus the love and spirit of God will one day alone vivify all humanity; they will awake and rekindle all the strength of the human race, will lead it to the goals of Wisdom and place it in suitable relationships.

Peace, fidelity, domestic harmony, love between nations, will be the first fruits of this Spirit. Inspiration of good without false similitudes, the exaltation of our souls without too severe a tension, warmth in the heart without turbulent impatience, will approach, reconcile, and unite all the various parts of the human race, long separated and divided by many differences, and stirred up against each other by prejudices and errors, and in one Grand Temple of Nature, great and little, poor and rich, all will sing the praise of the Father of Love.

- Cloud Upon the Sanctuary


...a sacred society, devoted to the common welfare of all
Excerpts from The Way of Light by John Amos Comenius, written in 1641
". . .  we may hope that an Art of Arts, a Science of Sciences, a Wisdom of Wisdom, a Light of Light shall at length be possessed. The inventions of previous ages, navigation and printing, have opened a way for the spread of light.  We may expect that we stand on the threshold of yet greater advances. 
"The 'universal books'  will make it possible for all to learn and to join in the advance.  The book of Pansophia  will be completed.  The schools of universal wisdom... will be founded.  And the prophets of universal wisdom in all countries must be accessible to one another. 
"For though it is true that the world has not entirely lacked intercourse, yet such methods of intercourse as it has enjoyed have lacked universality.  Therefore it is desirable that the 'agents of general happiness and welfare' should be many. 
"They must be guided by some order, so that each of them may know what he has to do, and for whom and when and with what assistance, and may set about his business in a manner which will make for the public benefit. 
"There should be a College, or a sacred society, devoted to the common welfare of mankind, and held together by some laws and rules.  A great need for the spread of light is that there should be a universal language which all can understand.  The learned men of the new order will devote themselves to this problem.  So will the light of the Gospel, as well as the light of learning, be spread throughout the world."
             —From The Way of Light
by John Amos Comenius, written in 1641 and published in Amsterdam in 1668)